Sir Wuschel1


“Wushel paints Easter eggs”
Whether I can try.
Whether these taste well?


 24  24.

“Wushel and Don are tired”
After work the two allow themselves to take a break.


 25  25.

“Wushel runs across the enchanted woods of the Easter bunny and after some time he lies down”
Ohhh a flying mouse?
 Hello,little mouse Sir Wushel ask politely what do you there?
The mouse answers, Can`t you see it I fly !


 26  26.

“In the magic forest of the Easter bunny”
Sir Wushel and his friend Don Camillo meet an wisely old owl who can speak
Ohhh, the mouse is there again, too!
The owl and the mouse explain it to Wushel.
They are the assistants of the Easter bunny!

 27  27.

“In the magic forest of the Easter bunny”
The next day Sir Wushel meet the little nephew of the Easter bunny.
He is looking for his uncle.He cannot find him.
Wushel promise to help.


 28  28.


“Wushel and Don Camillo are looking for the Easter bunny”
Whether perhaps he is in this tree hole?


“In the cosy home of the Easter bunny”
In the evening, the friends advise where they still can look for the Easter bunny.
They have already searched over almost the whole magic forest.
Will they find the Easter bunny?

 30  30.

“Don Camillo and Wushel on the way to the magic tree “
In the evening, the friends advise where they still can look for the Easter bunny.In the morning the friends know where they must look for the Easter bunny.The inspiration came as a dream.

At the magic tree in the magic Forest.

 31  31.

“Wushel is outraged”
The Easter bunny is together with the mouse under the large magic oak and dozes. He fall asleep because of the springtime lethargy. He has overslept 3 days, now he must hurry. Easter comes certainly.

 32  32.

“Presents from the Easter bunny”
Wushel and Don Camillo have got a delicious chocolate Easter bunny to the gratitude for their help.
They are very happy.

 32a  ” Springtime ”

In the magic forest of the Easter Bunny


 33  33.

“The flying carpet”
On the way for the next adventure.
Wushel, Don Camillo and Teddy Pepone have a flying carpet for their journey.They have got him from the Easter bunny.
Where will the journey go to ?


 34  34.

“Sir Wushel in Paris”
Wushel visit the Eiffel tower.
But where are Don Camillo and teddy bear Pepone now?


 35  35.

“In the streets of Paris”
In the evening Wushel has found the two rascals.Don Camillo and Pepone sit quite comfortably in a Cafe.Wuschel is outraged.


 36  36.

“Sir Wushel in Paris
Wushel and Don visit the Louvre.
What will expect the two here?

 37  37.

“Sir Wushel in Paris”
Wushel absolutely would like to see the Mona Lisa in the Louvre.
Why does she smile ?


 38  38.

“The secret door”
Wushel and Don Camillo find a secret chamber in the Louvre. Here is something going wrong Sir Wuschel means.

 39  39.

“The secret door”

Wushel would like to know what ´s going on here.Don Camillo has already run ahead.The little fairy shows Wushel the way.


 40  40.

“The leaning tower of Pisa”
Wushel is astonished.He has discovered the leaning tower of Pisa now.

But he still doesn´t know why the Mona Lisa smiles .


 41  41.

“In the evening in the restaurant”
In the evening Wushel and Don Camillo sit comfortably in the restaurant.They order spaghetti, pizza and red wine.
Now Wushel knows why the Mona Lisa smiles.She looks forward to her favourite Italian restaurant every evening!

42 42.


Wuschel and Don Camillo visit Venice.
There is so much to discover.


43 43.


Wushel would like absolutely to see the carnival.
Such beautiful colours the clothes have.

44 44.

Wushel has a look at everything.He also would like to see the St Marc`s Square.

45 45.

Wushel and Don inspect the St Marc`s Square.Suddenly the lion on the column speaks to them.You must go home quickly.The Easter bunny urgently needs your help.


46 46.


Wushel, Don Camillo and Teddy Pepone make themselves on the way home.They take the train since now the flying carpet has flown home back without the three.The train hopefully is not delayed.


47 47.

Wushel, Don Camillo and the Easter bunny wish all people in the whole world
Happy Easter

48 48.

Wushel, Don Camillo and Teddy bear Pepone are on the way to England.Wushel would absolutely like to see the wedding of prince William and Kate.

49 49.

Because Don Camillo has dawdled both have missed the bus. Now they must walk .Wushel is angry now because he is so tired of the exerting flight anyway.


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