Sir Wuschel2




Wushel certainly would like to take this sign home as a Souvenier.No Wushel you can`t take this sign home, Don Camillo tell him !


51 51.

The Royal Wedding

Wushel and Don Camillo are just on time for the wedding of prince William and Kate Middleton !

52 52.

The Buckingham Palace Guard
Sir Wushel and friend Don Camillo play a trick on the poor palace guard at the Buckingham Palace. They simply put Teddy Bear Pepone on the horse. This gives a fantastic photo. Whether this turns out all right!


53 53.

Wuschel discovers a little birdhouse in a garden.Of course this arouses his hunting passion.There is a sign at the bird house “Blonde Birds only”

54 54.


Wuschel has a look at everything.

Here one picture of him in front of big Ben.


55 55.


Wushel and his friend the long nosed dog Don Camillo in front of the tower bridge.A must if you visit London!

56jpg 56.

Wushel and his friend the long nosed dog Don Camillo are on sightseeing tour! Here they meet the Beatles at  Madame Tussaud´s.


57 57.


Wushel and Don Camillo inspect Stonehenge.The last stage on their journey across England.Where will they go now?


58 58.


Wushel and Don Camilllo are in Scotland.They visit Loch Ness Castle.Wuschel would like too meet “Nessie”.Whether he succeeds?


59 59.

Wushel and Don Camillo are on their way to uncle Connor Mc Wush. The weather is bad and the two are tired.In addition, Wushel would like to learn from his uncle where he can meet Nessie.

60 60.

Wushel and Don Camillo are arrived in the comfortable house from uncle Connor Mc Wush .Uncle Conner Mc Wush declares Wushel how to find Nessie.Wuschel has to meet uncle Connor Mc Wush`s friend Lord Elliott Mc Loud in the big castle.He gets more experienced there.. but caution….there lives a ghost in the castle!


61 61.

After a long walk Wushel and Don Camillo arrive late in the night at the castle of Lord Elliott Mc Laud .Don is afraid of the spirit.And full moon also is!


62 62.

Wushel knocks at the heavy door of the castle.
Don Camillo climbs in Wushel’s luggage and hides there.

He is afraid.
Such a “scaredy-cat ” Wuschel thought!


63 63.

Wuschel and Don Camillo are sitting in the comfortable home of Lord Elliott Mc Loud and enjoy a delicious dinner. Actually Wuschel would like to see Nessie but Lord Elliott Mc Loud tells him Santa Claus urgently needs Wuschel’s and Don`s help.


64 64.

Wushel and Don Camillo wait for Santa Claus.He comes with his sleigh and the reindeers to take the two friends with him to his long journey around the world.Now they can start.


65 65.

After a turbulent sleigh ride, Santa Claus, Don and Wushel now bring the presents. But they have to climb through the chimney .But Wushel doesn`t
 want to climb through the chimney.


66 66.


After Santa has called several times to Wushel he finally dares through the chimney into the festively decorated room.Here there are cookies and milk for the three.


67 67.

After Wushel and Don Camillo placed the presents under the Christmas tree Wushel makes nonsense again. Don is very embarrassing for his friend Wushel`s behaviour.

68 68.

Wushel and Don Camillo and of course Santa Claus wish to all people around the world a
Merry Christmas.

69 69.

Wishing you a New Year filled with new Hope,new Joy& new Beginnings.Wushel,Don Camillo and Teddy Bear Pepone wish all people around the world a Happy New Year.


70 70.

“Sleigh Ride”
Wushel, Don Camillo and Teddy Pepone are on their way back to Schottland.We remember,Wushel would love to meet Nessie.Santa Claus has permitted them to use his sleigh with Rudolph the reindeer.

71 71.

“Sleigh Ride”
Wushel, Don Camillo and Teddy Pepone are on their way back to Scotland.The night is cold and clear and the full moon shows Rudolph the way.


72 72. “Scotland”
Don Camillo ,Wushel and Teddy bear Pepone have finally arrived at Loch Ness. Now they are waiting for Nessie.It’s snowing again and Teddy Pepone freezes.Don Camillo takes him quickly over a shirt.Hopefully, the friends do not get a cold .
73 73.”Scotland”
In the evening Wushel and Don Camillo are waiting in the boat on the lake. Teddy Pepone has remained under the warm blanket in the sleigh. It was too cold for him.The weather is better, it is no longer snowing and the sky is clear. Finally Wushel meets his Nessie. What would Wushel like to know from Nessie?
74 74.

Wushel asks Nessie about her family. She proudly shows her children. Sadly, she says that there are actually seven children but No. 7 is missing. Wushel and Don offer their help. They want to help to find the missing one.


75 75.

“Wuschel on the hunt for Nr 7 “
Wuschel and Don are looking for number 7 in the lake.Of course Wuschel takes the boat. He is scared of water!


76 76.
“Wuschel on the hunt for Nr 7 “
After they have not found No 7 in the lake, the two friends are now looking at the forest. They meet a little fawn. “I know where you have to look for Nr 7 said the little fawn.” In England …. No. 7 told me that he wants to be an actor and he went to England. “