“ An Artist is not one who is inspired but one who can inspire others “

(Salvador Dali )

Paintings are everyday,constant beauties and expression of lifestyle .They let us dive into a positive or enchanting world .I am a professional educated fine Artist from Germany,but paint since my childhood .Owning animals and being around them all of my life has had a big influence on my art. Animals are my favourite subjects but I also like to paint person portraits and landscapes.

I mainly prefer the oil painting but also pastel,Watercolor, Acrylic ,charcoal and graphite drawings arise in my studio with a lot of love of the detail.Watercolour paintings and drawing with Indian ink and feather for some of my illustrations takes a special seat .Because of this, this technique has got a page of its own now . ( Sir Wuschel the Cat ) If you have any questions or comments about my work please don`t hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer them.


Many thanks for your visit at my site and much joy with my art!

Christina Schulte

Here you can see my Studio










Christina Schulte Featured in French Publication “40 maîtres du PASTEL”
I am honored…
The prestigious French art magazine Pratique des Arts included my name in the list of the best pastel artists working today and published my works in the new book “40 maîtres du PASTEL” (“40 Masters of Pastel”). The beautiful 188-page hardcover devoted entirely to pastel features more than 200 works by 40 masters of yesterday and today.

“…Degas, Redon, Liotard and many other historical figures who have paved the way for today’s artists: Albert Handell, Svetlana Cameron, Marcos Rey, Ruben Belloso, Christina Schulte, Danielle Richard, Jimmy Wright to name a few, disclose their secrets in this pastel book…”