Some information about my drawing techniques

For my paintings I use exclusively non-aging artist materials of the highest quality.



Charcoal Drawing

Coal is one of the oldest drawing tools in the world, it dates from the 14th demonstrably Century. From this time charcoal drawings have even been preserved. Coal can be used for quick sketches, drawings or detailed portraits. Different pressures  leaves gray to black shades on the paper . By fixing the finished works of art blurring is prevented.


Pencil drawing
Graphite pencils are used in different degrees of hardness. This creates grayscale, which give the portrait the necessary plasticity and vividness. For the protection of the finished drawing here a special fixative is used again.

Borzois pencil drawing
Pencil drawing Borzois

Kohlezeichnung Lemur
Charcoal drawing Lemur

Watercolor & Colored pencil

 Watercolor & colored pencil painting

Watercolor paints are water soluble.With the brush they are applied in many layers on watercolor paper. This allows a representation of impressive transparency. By adding colored pencils the watercolor painting will have even more depth and enormous luminosity .

Barsoi aquarell Borzoi painting watercolor


Pastel painting

The term pastel is derived from the Italian pasta (dough). The pastel painting is a technique in which pigments in the form of round and square chalks or pastels are used. The adhesion of the pigments on the paper is weak, so pastels are very sensitive to touch. In order to obtain adhesion to the painting surface, therefore, one uses special pastel papers. The colors are applied in dusty layers, often blurred with the fingers or special brushes.

 Borzoi pastel painting  lioness wildlife painting


Acrylic painting

Acrylic is a dispersion water-based paint.
The tools (eg brushes) for acrylic painting can be cleaned by this property very well with lukewarm water.
Acrylic paint has compared to oil paint a rather low drying time.
Acrylic has also, in contrast to oil paint no odor.
It can be used on many substrates, such as canvas, wood, metal
Acrylic paint dries matt.

 Borzoi acrylic painting  Acrylic painting leopard


Oil painting

The oil painting is considered to be classic “supreme discipline of art “. The durability and brilliance of the colors is unsurpassed. Oil is defined as a binder, a main component of the oil paint. The color can be apply both very thin (translucent) and very thick (impasto) . Oil paints dry very slowly. The drying time depends on the thickness of the paint and the colors.

 Oil painting Borzois  wildlife painting red squirrel